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Jefferson Mao is a High School student studying at Lambert High School, Georgia, USA. 

Jeff's project was one he suggested himself having learned about HPCC Systems from his involvement in CodeDay during the last year.

 2020 Best Poster - Use Case

Poster Abstract

The Google Anthos is an Application Management Platform that manages multi-cloud and on-premise environments. It allows HPCC Systems to be managed from separate cloud platforms through one centralized command center.

Google Anthos comes with a plethora of options that range from config management (configurations through code) to service mesh (microservice controller/manager).

The main benefit Anthos provides for HPCC-Systems is the ability to manage Kubernetes environments on any cloud. With Anthos, HPCC Systems has access to a common abstract layer that manages deployment, upgrades, configurations, networking, and scaling.


In this Video Recording, Jeff provides a tour and explanation of his poster content.

Poster Title: HPCC Systems on Google Anthos

Click on the poster for a larger image. 

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