Poster presentations from academic partners 2018

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The following students are currently involved with our academic partners. They entered poster presentations about their HPCC Systems related project at our Community Day Summit in 2018. Find out about the posters submitted by HPCC Systems interns of 2018 and view abstracts for all submissions. See the full list of poster entries.

Zhe Yu was a poster participant during our 2017 Poster Contest entering a poster entitled Fast Retrieval of Relevant Information through HPCC Systems.

Itauma Itauma is a regular contributor to our open source project. He presented on the main stage about Unsupervised Learning and Image Classification in High Performance Computing Cluster (View Slides) during our 2016 HPCC Systems Summit. He also supported a fellow student (Cerise Walker - Wayne State University) who entered our Poster Contest in 2017.

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