Tech Talk 2 - February 16th 2017

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Guest Speakers : 

  1. Fujio Turner, Solutions Architect, Couchbase - Watch Recording
    Mobile/IoT and HPCC Systems
    Fujio will discuss the challenges around IoT and address the following questions:

    • As there are more mobile and embedded devices all generating more data, what does that mean now and for the future?

    • What has to change in an organization's infrastructure to keep up?

    • How can I best take advantage of this new stream of information?

  2. Jacob Pellock, Sr Director Software Engineering, LexisNexis Risk Solutions Group - Watch Recording
    Operationalising jobs on Thor utilising Python, Git and HPCC Systems client tools - Part 1
    So you've setup your HPCC Systems cluster and written your ECL code. Now you want to take the ECL you've written into production. 

    • Find out about the technologies we've leveraged in bringing our LexisNexis data warehouse into production.

  3. Roger Dev, Sr Architect, LexisNexis Risk Solutions Group - Watch Recording
    Basic Linear Algebra Subsystem (BLAS) and Parallel Block BLAS (PBBlas) libraries for HPCC Systems 
    Manipulation of matrix data via Linear Algebra operations lies at the heart of many data-mining and machine learning techniques. New modules for HPCC systems provide highly scalable and performant implementations of these operations. BLAS provides an industry standardardized set of highly optimized linear algebra operations. PBBlas extends these operations to mega-scale, splitting the operations into parallelizable units that can be balanced across an HPCC Systems cluster. 

    • Introduction to BLAS

    • The techniques and features of PBBlas

    • Overview of the PBBlas interface

  4. Richard Taylor, Chief Trainer, HPCC Systems - Watch Recording
    Updates and deep dives on cool code


    • An update on what's going on with ECL/HPCC/SALT/KEL training courses. 

    • A selection of interesting code snippets gathered from questions posed in emails and/or Community Forum posts, including an in-depth discussion of the techniques demonstrated by the code.

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